Session 1.1 (13:30-14:15 CEST)

  • Room 1: Annotating Events and Entities in Dialogue
    Tatiana Anikina and Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová | pdf | poster

  • Room 2: Can Rule-Based Chatbots Outperform Neural Models Without Pre-Training in Small Data Situations?: A Preliminary Comparison of AIML and Seq2Seq
    Md Mabrur Husan Dihyat and Julian Hough | pdf | poster

  • Room 3: Slurring Speech and Invited Inference
    Mihaela Popa-Wyatt (non-archival) | poster

  • Room 4: Annotating Low-Confidence Questions Improves Classifier Performance
    Stephanie Hernandez and Ron Artstein | pdf | poster

Session 1.2 (14:15-15:00 CEST)

  • Room 1: Challenges for the Conversational Entity Dialog Model
    Wolfgang Maier and Stefan Ultes | pdf | poster

  • Room 2: Conflict Search Graph for Common Ground Consistency Checks in Dialogue Systems
    Maria Di Maro, Antonio Origlia and Francesco Cutugno | pdf | poster

  • Room 3: What Do You Mean? Eliciting Enthymemes in Text-Based Dialogue
    Ebba Axelsson Nord, Vladislav Maraev, Ellen Breitholtz and Christine Howes | pdf | poster

  • Room 4: Exploring the Personality of Virtual Tutors in Conversational Foreign Language Practice
    Johanna Dobbriner, Cathy Ennis and Robert Ross | pdf | poster