Session 2

  • Room 1: The Deictic Nature of Speech Act Reference
    Friederike Buch | pdf | poster

  • Room 2: Identity Models for Role-Play Dialogue Characters
    Patricia Chaffey and David Traum | pdf | poster

  • Room 3: From Local Hesitations to Global Impressions of a Speaker’s Feeling of Knowing
    Tanvi Dinkar, Beatrice Biancardi and Chloé Clavel | pdf| poster

  • Room 4: Getting from A to B: Exploring Floor State Transitions in Conversation
    Emer Gilmartin and Marcin Włodarczak | pdf | poster

  • Room 5: Situated UMR for Multimodal Interactions
    Kenneth Lai, Richard Brutti, Lucia Donatelli and James Pustejovsky | pdf | poster

  • Room 6: Investigating non lexical markers of the language of schizophrenia in spontaneous conversations
    Chuyuan Li, Maxime Amblard, Chloé Braud, Caroline Demily, Nicolas Franck and Michel Musiol (non-archival) | poster